November 7, 2019

Unarmed guard disarms robber in Kampala

A private security guard who was not armed has foiled a robbery by disarming a robber who raided a betting shop in Bwaise, a Kampala suburb.

The guard who is attached to Tiger Security Services hid behind the door of the betting shop when the armed thief raided it.

The armed thug raided the betting shop at about 8pm and discharged one bullet in the air as he ordered workers and betting clients to hand over all their property and money to him.

The guard wrestled the thug to the ground and disarmed him.

 “The suspect abandoned the gun and fled from betting room. We are using some items he left at the scene to identify him,” Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesman, Mr Luke Owoyesigyire said.

He said an AK47 rifle marked UG Pol 565902694-32493 was recovered from the guard.

 He said the firearm is suspected to be a property of Uganda Police.

 Private security guards, in many cases, take off after armed robbers raid places where they are deployed to guard.

Armed robberies in the city had reduced after President Museveni ordered the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen Stephen Sabiiti Muzeyi to crack down on criminals that were attacking residents late last month.

On Sunday, Mr Museveni said criminal gangs in Kampala Metropolitan Police and Western Uganda had been wiped out and their members arrested.

He said the gangs had killed 13 people, injured two and robbed Shs24 million.

Mr Museveni said 20 members of these groups have been arrested, eight charged in courts of law.

He said four guns, Shs10 million and three motorcycles have also been recovered in police operations.

“We are here to honor the services, heroism of two great and gallant men who have performed exceptionally in protecting the lives and property of Ugandans as they execute their work as per our mandate,” Matsiko’s said.

Matsiko said Nakeriya’s act was patriotic because he intervened to save another unarmed guard who was being victimized by machete wielding men.
Since it was dark, the machete wielding men perhaps didn’t realize that Nakeriya was holding a loaded gun. In the process of attempting to attack him, Nakeriya shot one dead forcing the others to flee for dear life.

Matsiko said the guards’ braveness was outstanding and deserved to be honored in order to encourage others to be strong, determined and patriotic in executing their duties.

Matsiko said Nakeriya and Sande are some of the success stories that the public needed to know, a reason they decided to award them in the presence of the media.

Records at Police’s Private Security and Firearms Department headed by Senior Superintendent of Police Apollo Kateeba, show that there are 203 private security companies in Uganda.

Of these, 110 use guns while others deploy personnel with batons. The 203 private security companies have more than 50,000 personnel.

Source: Daily Monitor