June 21, 2020

TUPSA’s Sensitization Drive

Sensitization is under way in various media outlets by the Uganda Private Security Association (TUOSA) to help public understand the role of Private Security providers with the aim of creating  a harmonious co-existence.

TUPSA executive members led by the Chairman Mr. Grace Matsiko held interviews with newspapers, online publications and Television and radio stations whenever an opportunity arises to explain the work done by the PSOs and what is expected of  the public as well as the critical role Uganda Police Force plays.

The Executive has participated in public meetings, debates, seminars and workshops to educate and sensitise the public about PSOs.

One of the challenges faced by private security guards is provocation by some members of the public who put down guards as poorly educated and paid. This will soon turn into  the opposite of what the public thinks.

A case in point is the 2019 shooting that happened at Quality Supermarket in Naalya, Kampala; the shooting of a businessman, Arnold Aienbyona by a security guard. The shooting was triggered by arguments in respect of the deceased knocking another client’s car in the parking lot.

Source: TUPSA Handbook 2020