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Guard dogs are employed and deployed for the purpose to deter external threats from intruders entering your premise or property. Guard dogs undergo various training of different levels and are used for protection, patrolling, sniffing and other needed skills upon request due to their extraordinary natural senses that humans do not possess.

There are various breeds that are used as guard dogs i.e. German Shepherds, Rottweiler , Belgium Malinois, Doberman to name a few. These breeds are the best guard dogs is mostly because they look intimidating and scary and have potential to do damage to someone (people are scared of them!). In all honesty, a dog that has not undergone months of guard dog training will rarely do any damage or overwhelm an intruder with force. He will most probably just bark and get in the intruders way. However, most intruders will be scared-off if they know that you own one of these dogs. These guard dogs do an excellent job of scaring intruders away.

We provide these guard dogs and dog handlers (if required) or we provide your personnel the training to be a dog handler. We also provide guard dog training to canine owners that are interested to send their pets or canine for guard dog training courses.